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Hill Park Outreach and Inclusion Traded Service

Hill Park Outreach and Inclusion service have been supporting schools across Brighton and Hove for over 15 years.

Over the last few years we have had increasing requests to support pupils and schools who do not meet our Core Service criteria. In order to meet this demand we can now offer a Traded Service. This will incur a cost to schools for a range of bespoke support and training.

We will support any pupil or school. The pupil does not need to have a formal diagnosis or EHCP. The school can choose the level of support that will suit them.

Traded Service

We can offer:

  • 6 school contacts, 1 per half term. It may be a visit, phone call or email and attendance and/or report for Annual Review or EHCP application - £900
  • 3 school visits, 1 per term – £450
  • A school advisory visit to observe a pupil, discuss with Senco/teacher/TA, and offer actions - £150

A school visit will usually last 1.5 hours and will be followed up with written advice.

  • Staff training –
    • Full day – 6 hours  – 2 trainers - £1000
    • Half day – 3 hours – 1 trainer - £250
    • 1.5 hr twilight – 1 trainer - £150
    • NB. Some courses may require 2 trainers

A sample of our existing training package:

  • Positive Behaviour Support - 1 day whole school Inset (2 trainers)
  • PDA and Demand Avoidance - twilight training
  • Just Right - twilight training
  • Working with a child who uses Pecs – ideally 1 day but can be half day (2 trainers)
  • Planning for a child with Down Syndrome – half day (2 trainers)
  • The professional role of an INA – twilight
  • Supporting children with receptive and expresive language difficulties - 1 day (2 trainers)

NB We can deliver bespoke training. Contact us if you have a request but this will incur some additional costs.

For more information or to make a referral; please contact:

Outreach Lead:                 Gillian Taylor - gilliantaylor@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk    

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