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Resources you can create at home

Calm Box

calm box

You can make a calm box or bag, to keep a choice of sensory items to hand. You could include something chewy, something that feels nice scratchy, smelly, squeezy, sparkly, a story or poem to share, colouring or puzzle book (things to focus); basically the things your child specifically likes. 

This could be as simple as a stress ball and a piece of fleece material in an old takeaway container to a selection of sparkly and scented items in a beautiful gift box, whatever works for you. 

Offer a choice from the box at different times of day to help regulate your child.

This can also be used as a distraction and calming tool when you notice your child getting orange / red. 

Busy-Hands Box / Bags

Simple activities which focus on fine motor skills are great for supporting our children who may have difficulties with their core stability, gross motor coordination and sequencing skills.

Simple plastic wallets, zip folders, food bags or old takeaway containers are all great ways to store small, easy to grab 'busy hands' activities.  You can find lots of ideas for these online but here are a few to start:

  • Shoelace & beads / string & pasta for threading 
  • Print or draw a finger maze (lots online!)
  • Paper, pom poms & a glue stick
  • Marbles, a flower pot (with hole in the bottom) & a teaspoon
busy bags

Sound Shakers

This is a great simple sensory toy you can make with things that you probably have around the home!

Like the picture here, you can fill empty bottles with dried foods to make different sounds and weights. Ideas to try: pasta, lentils, beans, peas, oats, rice, nutshells.

We also like marbles and stones for a nice heavy feel, you could try a mix of both and even add some glitter!

shakers sound
shakers sound eggs
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