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Hill Park Outreach & Inclusion Service

Outreach Criteria

What you can expect from Hill Park Outreach and Inclusion Service.

Our core offer is:

  • 6 school contacts, 1 per half term. It may be a visit, phone call or email.
  • attendance and/or report for Annual Review
  • a Core Training programme for staff :- Manual Handling, Safe Use of Hoist and Personal and Intimate Care training. 

When working with schools, we will:

  • maintain correspondence with the school by ‘checking in’ with staff half termly via visit, phone or email
  • provide a written record of each visit or contact, with agreed actions
  • undertake agreed action for which we are responsible
  • notify the school office of the need to cancel a visit as soon as possible
  • provide Core Training for school staff, if required
  • provide other optional training opportunities for school staff
  • attend and/or write reports for Annual Reviews
  • review the service offered annually, with the school’s SENCO/INCO

What the Outreach Team can expect from each school. They will:

  • notify parents of Outreach involvement and pass on relevant reports and information
  • respond promptly to correspondence from Outreach teachers to ensure effective use of time to support the school placement
  • follow agreed actions and share with relevant staff
  • ensure availability of staff to meet with Outreach Teacher during their visits
  • notify Outreach Service, as soon as possible, if a meeting or visit needs to be cancelled
  • facilitate staff attendance at relevant training
  • ensure all staff who have manual handling and hoist training have this training updated annually
  • notify Outreach Service of Multidisciplinary and Annual Review meetings as soon as possible
  • give at least 2 weeks notice when requesting advice/reports for IEP’s/Provision Maps /Annual Reviews
  • provide assessment data as appropriate
  • release the SENCO/INCO to meet with the Outreach Teacher annually to review service

Hill Park has a small dedicated team of Outreach Teachers who support children with additional needs in mainstream schools.

Outreach Lead:                 Gillian Taylor - gilliantaylor@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk      

Outreach Teacher:          Liz Martin - lizmartin@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk 

Useful Information

The referral pack consists of four documents:

* Referral form for schools to request support from the Outreach Service, if they meet our criteria

* Parent Leaflet is for the school to give to a parent to inform them of involvement from the Outreach Service with their child

* Parent Protocol Leaflet is a document that can be adapted by the school to support an initial conversation with parents of a child with additional needs. It should guide a conversation so that the parents and the school can come to a shared understanding of what a school can offer and how expectations can be met to best meet the needs of the child.

Support for making Reasonable Adjustments

Recording Proformas

Sleep Chart

Toilet chart

ABC chart - to support understanding the function of a behaviuor

Other Useful resources

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